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**This Special is for a set of clubs only ( 6 or more grips ) **

While we stock an excellent range of golf clubs, bags and buggies, we are also happy to furnish your specific requests by placing an order for a special item at your request. In the competitive world of golf club equipment sales, our buying group discounts make us a competitive alternative to the big retailer. Feel free to stop in and check out what we have to offer. If you don’t see it, we can always get it in for you.




Expert Golf Club Fitting

Customised Golf Club Fitting tailored to your golf game.

Buying a new set of golf clubs or a new driver is very exciting.

However, many people just rush down to the local golf retailer and buy a set of golf clubs off the rack that just doesn’t suit their body size or swing.

To us it seems obvious the best place to do this is at a driving range. Why try out new golf clubs in a net when you can do it at a range and see where your ball really goes?

Our  qualified master club fitters, can assist you out at our purpose built golf club fitting section. They will test and match a set of golf clubs perfectly for you.

Technology can certainly help to make sure you get the right clubs. We have the latest swing analysis software, ES 16 , that helps him match the perfect set of golf clubs for your game.

Give the centre  a call on 5510 6121 or 0408 312 053 to make a booking for your individual golf club fitting.

Cost $99.00 for 1 hour fitting - which comes off any golf club purchase

So let our experts help you. If you’re just starting out or if you’re a seasoned veteran trying to finally win the local club championships – getting the right set of golf clubs is crucial.                 


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